A10 Networks ensures that your applications are always protected, reliable, and available. High-performance security product line



A10 Networks is the first provider in the industry to deliver a highly scalable, 64-bit network platform optimized for multi-core CPU system designs.

The ACOS platform is based on innovative scalable symmetric multiprocessing (SSMP), which utilizes supercomputing techniques for parallel processing to maximize the utility of multicore processing architectures without the overhead of traditional designs.

The SSMP, combined with A10’s innovative “High-Speed Shared Memory Architecture” and “Flexible Traffic Accelerator,” eliminates traditional bottlenecks and scales performance linearly with the increase in multi-core CPU architectures.


56% of customers recorded ROI within 12 months, 86% within 24 months.


Better security & 3x density, performance & capacity

Reduce SSL/TLS Decryption Web Threat Liability

Reducing SSL/TLS Decryption Responsibility Web Threat
57% of clients improved security, 43% reduced costs

Increase 5G and Subscriber Uptime

Increase 5G and subscriber uptime
100% of surveyed customers experienced greater reliability with CGN & Security


Application security and performance are fundamental to all facets of the business

The mission of Radware is to be at the forefront of technological and service advancements so that our customers can stay at the forefront of their industries. Our DDoS protection, WAF (web application firewall), application delivery, and load balancing solutions optimize business operations, minimize service delivery degradation, and prevent downtime.

From migrating applications to the public cloud to the rise of prevalent threats such as application layer DDoS attacks, 2021 presented organizations with a range of new security challenges. Radware’s research provides a detailed view of application attack activity in 2021 and what organizations need to consider for 2022.

» Thunder ADC (Aplication Delivery Controllers)

» Thunder TPS (Threat Protection System)

» Thunder SSLi (SSL insight)

» Thunder CFW (Firewall)

» Thunder CGN (CGNAT & IPV6 IPV4)

Available solutions in:

» Appliance

» Virtual

» Bare Metal

» Hybrid


Built with a vision of policy enforcement anywhere, anytime, the Harmony platform connects secure application services to on-premises environments, public, private and hybrid clouds. A10 Harmony manages secure application services in disparate environments and integrates solutions with multiple clouds, cloud-native services and the full range of popular formats.

A10 Networks

» Collects, consolidates, and correlates in detailed reports on performance, user experience, applications, security, and environment health.

» Configures and manages policies.

» Based on microservices, natively cloud-based, delivers high availability, scalable control, and analytical functions in an elastic and resilient controller.

» Full coverage of RESTful API for agility, automation, and efficiency. Integrates with DevOps and SecOps processes and tools.

» Ensures interoperability with NFV MANOs and VIMs and integrates with major cloud and SDN orchestration platforms for dynamic delivery in public, private, or hybrid cloud.

» Enables secure, on-demand, software-based application services in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, and environments leveraging VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, and KVM hypervisors.

The performance of A10 Thunder CGN for Bare Metal doesn’t waver. A10 Thunder CGN makes my life easier.​”

Jon Larsen

CEO & Cofounder, Richweb

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